Adjustable Earring Stand Inserts (Grande - 5 Inserts)

$25.00 AUD

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The Grande Adjustable Earring Stand listing includes 6 inserts to allow you to rearrange and decide where to slot in your inserts to accommodate for earrings of varying lengths ( = minimal overlapping), which is also what makes it adjustable!
But if you'd like to maximise your earring storage capacity by filling up all 11 slots on the Grande Adjustable Earring Stand, this is for you!

 What's included:

  • 5x Grande Adjustable Earring Stand Inserts
  • Holds up to 137 more pairs of earrings (increases total storage of Adjustable Earring Stand to 302 pairs)


Please note that these inserts are only compatible with our Grande Adjustable Earring Stand.