the beginning


It all began in 2018 when our founder Min longed for an earring holder that was versatile enough to store all earring styles - particularly hoop earrings because they have always been a tricky style to store.

After an extensive search and finding no 'adjustable' earring stands in the market, Min started designing her own. It blossomed into our very first product - the Adjustable Earring Stand.



We launched YOBI in May 2019 with three classic products:
- Adjustable Earring Stand
- Earring Display Board
- Hair Accessory Holder

Even though the concept of an 'adjustable' earring stand was still very new, earring lovers soon fell in love with how it revolutionised earring organisation.

our designs


As we grew our product line, we were always mindful that our designs are fully functional and will help you stay organised, effortlessly.

They have a classic and timeless look to them that is easy on the eye and will fit perfectly into every home.

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