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YOBI began around the time I discovered the magical world of handmade earrings. I instantly grew out of my earring organiser at the time and was searching high and low for the perfect one that could hold all earring styles and lengths, particularly hoop earrings as they have always been a tricky earring style to store.

After extensive research, I realised the perfect earring organiser had not existed yet so I started designing my iconic Adjustable Earring Stand that has changed the way we organise our earrings. It is a one-size-fits-all type of earring organiser that is versatile and allows you to decide where the holes are positioned.

When I was designing the Adjustable Earring Stand, I was determined to solve a problem I had. But as the business grew, I started to draw inspiration from my customers' earring collections and understanding what was lacking in my designs and what could be improved on from conscious observations. This is because no earring collection is ever the same. It is also through mindful interactions I have with my customers on social media that spark new ideas and designs.

Whether you are after something minimalist, innovative or functional, I hope you find an organiser that suits your collection perfectly.



YOBI is based in Victoria, Australia.