About Me


Hi I'm Min

I started YOBI in May 2019 focusing on accessory storage when my accessories started to grow exponentially. At first I was just like any other person out there going on Google and Etsy trying to find the perfect accessory holder for myself. There were MANY (and I really mean tons of) holders but nothing really matched what I had in mind. That’s when I started designing my Adjustable Earring Stand that allows earrings to be displayed nicely with no overlapping since the inserts are adjustable. It’s an original design that has changed the way people display their earrings! As for my other designs, you may find a similar one out there but there is always going to be something that sets it apart from the rest.

A little more about me & my inspirations
When I was 15, I went on a year long exchange to Japan. It was the first time I knew countrysides exist there because only big cities like Tokyo and Osaka were heavily marketed at the time. Naturally, it led me to think that the entire Japan was filled with neon street signs, and that Japanese people eat sushi three meals a day. Both were very very wrong. I spent my year in one of the most rural countryside prefectures in Japan and was fascinated by how advanced their society was and the amount of attention to detail there was in everything they do. And I don’t mean square watermelons that were invented just so they are easier to ship around but more on items like hard banana cases that prevent your bananas from getting squished. It’s these simple yet essential inventions that help change our lives for the better. That is what I think about when I sit down to design my products too - How will this make someone’s life easier or better?

We are all always trying to improve our lives so that’s what I am aiming for with the products I bring to YOBI - something better than the last.

I currently have earring and bow holders in my shop and I am excited to grow my collection.
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♡ Min

YOBI is based in Victoria, Australia.