Adjustable Earring Stand - Original

$59.00 AUD

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Our Adjustable Earring Stand will change the way you organise and admire your earring collection! It features adjustable inserts or rows that allow you to customise the stand to suit your earrings and accessories.
- 9 slots for the adjustable inserts
- Dual sided earring storage
- Stores every earring style
- Bottom plate holds other accessories like rings, lipsticks, watches, bracelets, bobby pins etc to keep all your essentials in one place!  OR you can store accessories on our NEW accessory insert!
- A simple and elegant design that matches any room


YOBI sizing guide:
Petite = Small
Original = Medium (this is the Original!)
Grande = Large


Assembled size: 26cm (H) x 27cm (W) x 10cm (D-base)

Option 1 - Original Stand (Includes 5 Earring Inserts)

The original Adjustable Earring Stand with 5 earring inserts includes just the right number of inserts for most collections, especially if you're someone with a little bit of everything - some smaller studs and also some of your treasured statement pieces. With space to more your adjustable inserts around, you can set up the stand to house your earrings beautifully.

Capacity: Holds up to 110 pairs of earrings and base plate for accessories


Option 2 - Stand with 4 Earring Inserts + 1 Accessory Insert

The Accessory Insert is great for keeping accessories like rings, bracelets, watches and hair ties secure on the stand!

Capacity: Holds up to 88 pairs of earrings and accessories


Option 3 - Stand with 4 Earring Inserts + 1 Necklace Insert

Perfect combination for earring and necklace lovers!

Capacity: Holds up to 88 pairs of earrings and accessories

Necklace hook to base: 22cm


Option 4 - Stand with 3 Earring Inserts + 1 Accessory Insert + 1 Necklace Insert

Turn one side of your stand into a necklace and accessories rack with this combo!

Capacity: Holds up to 66 pairs of earrings, necklaces and accessories


Please note that every wood grain pattern is unique. Earrings and accessories are for display purposes and are not included in the listing. 

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